CHEF/OWNER – The Detroit Pepper Company

Marlin Hughes


(313) 469-7640

17180 E . Warren
Detroit, MI 48224

The Detroit Pepper Company
Detroit, Mi

Detroiter Marlin Hughes always wanted to create a restaurant space where he and his son, who has autism, could coexist without worry over the types of food he was eating.

“He’s a non-verbal guy; I need to know exactly what is in his body at all times,” Hughes said. “Because I have power and authority over what’s going on so I can control his symptomatic issues.”

That dream grew with his son’s favorite dish, Hughes’ signature vegan chili. His inclination to start his own restaurant was also reinforced when his wife hit a milestone birthday and had one special request for the menu: Hughes’ stuffed peppers.

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The peppers are stuffed with meat options or jackfruit that is ground up and cooked then filled with beans, rice, and cheese. Once the pepper is filled Hugh adds his special sauce and seasoning and bakes them in the oven for all the ingredients to harmonize together.

So with the encouragement of his family, Hughes opened the Detroit Pepper Company in September 2019, in East English Village as a carryout-only restaurant with a variety of vegan and non-vegan options ranging from his signature vegan chili (found on the menu with the taco grain bowl), stuffed poblanos, bell peppers, and jalapeños, plus a variety of freshly made smoothies.